Global Talent Visa in Technology- A Crash Course


This is a FREE, condensed and rapid course designed for Ukrainians and other people in conflict areas, who are seeking an immediate but long-term options to work, study and reside in the UK based on their exceptional skills in technology.


What you will learn

In about an hour you will learn the 10 essentials from eligibility, preparation, gathering evidence, application writing for each stage, fast-track options, integration into the UK and much more.


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Overview of Lessons


1. How to get prepared for the most suitable Tech Nation Visa

2. Knowing the eligibility requirements and what to bring out from your story

3. Writing an excellent personal statement for Stage 1

4. Answering winning application questions

5. Selecting the right references and finding supporting evidence for your application

6. What you need to know for Stage 2

7. How to respond if the application is rejected

8.Acceptance, arrival and integration into the UK

9. Course summary and additional resources

10. Walk-throughs, Handouts & More!

Instructed by Alumni


We provide step-by-step videos with first-hand accounts of our experience and others we have supported. There's much more to this process than simply a paper application, and we share the stress, challenges and excitement that come with each step.

Meet Jillian Kowalchuk. 👋🏻 She is an award-winning social entrepreneur most well-known as the Founder & CEO of Safe & The City. She is a third-generation Ukrainian, born in Canada but now living in the UK on the Global Talent Visa in Technology Visa. 

Meet Herman Komashko 👋🏻 He is a talented Ukrainian full-stacked software engineer working worldwide in countries including the United States, Vietnam, Russia and now the UK, thanks to the Global Talent Visa. He is a Tech Nation Ambassador who's helped hundreds of people through their immigration applications.

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