• Jillian Kowalchuk

Positive habits build self-esteem

Positive habits build self-esteem

Habits are the byproduct of a series of unconscious processes your brain has established between repeated behaviours, in essence to skip it taking up energy and mental capacity. Remember how difficult it was when first learning the alphabet to where you are now? Because they are unconscious doesn’t mean they are out of your agency to change. Whether these habits are complex or simple, we can continuously upgrade them like a hardware board of a computer. But unlike how things work in the Matrix, we cant simply learn by plugging into a knowledge base, but we can make monumental changes with consecutive incremental small steps.

This has lesson become more profound over the years, which not only builds different levels of skills, but also creates improved self-esteem.

When you feel in control in your life, whether it’s taking your first steps as a child to running your own business, each of those scripts forming habits, make it easier to learn new ones and therefore reach new heights.

The broader the habits to support your core well-being the more productive you can become with challenges and changes to your plan, the better. Think how you can make your. morning and evening routines part of your habit, eating healthy, daily movements, meditation, building headspace to skill build and the behaviours to organise and process them.

How much more of your time would that free up to give you the opportunity to achieve you’re next goal? When you feel in control of your habits, you create the freedom and direction to increase your belief in yourself and sense of purpose to achieve the things others may say impossible. These build a healthy self-esteem no one else can replace through compliments, recognition and awards.


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