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Learn the behind-the-scenes secrets and strategies to land, prepare and deliver your next TEDx-style talk!
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Become a visible public speaker 


Do you want to earn more income? Become more visible and influential in your career? Have the confidence to speak in front of audiences of thousands of people? If you answered yes to any of these you are in the right place.

Although I spoke often enough in front of others as an owner of a tech start-up, I never felt I was good enough to get paid or confident to apply to speak at a major event, like TEDx. In under 2 years, I’ve transformed my public speaking to make it work for my career ambitions. I now speak to audiences of 1500 people or more, have all-expense paid international keynotes, get paid £100 per minute for my talks and most importantly grow my exposure, opportunities and connections with others who want to work and collaborate with me. 

This course was born out of my frustrations and is now a blueprint I’ve used to coach and help others to transform themselves to land, prepare and deliver a powerful talk, to conquer any stage and audience.

Anthony McGuire


"I used to do a lot of public speaking when I worked at Facebook and speak even more often now as an entrepreneur. I didn't realise how much public speaking on a Main-Stage could improve my business and bring more visibility to the things I care about. This course provided me with more of the practical skills and advice I needed to take my public speaking to the next level!"

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Why should you take this public speaking course?


This is your chance to give yourself the biggest competitive advantage by knowing the start-to-finish process for landing, preparing and delivering your next main-stage talk.

If you are serious about becoming a visible public speaker, earning more income and having more opportunities come your way this is the course for you.

Ashley Tay


"Master the main stage provides an enlightening and refreshing guide to public speaking. Jillian explains an in-depth, step-by-step process to telling an impactful story whether it’s for a large audience, job interview, or meeting new friends. The course is unique and inspiring as Jillian shares her own personal experiences." 

Ioana Andrei


"Jillian's crash course in public speaking can make anyone fall in love with the stage, no matter their experience level. It is clear, concise and offers insider tips from her vast experience as a public speaker."

Douglas Lau


"Master the Main Stage was an excellent introduction to public speaking in the context of a conference-type presentation.  The course is full of experience-based tips and strategies for effective communication. I’d recommend this to anyone who has an aspiration to learn more about the craft of public speaking." 

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You will also have a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If you feel the course did not bring you value, please e-mail me and I will give you a refund. Try out the course and if it's not worthwhile, get 100% of your money back!

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