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Lead with purpose

Whether it is building your own company, changing career or becoming more visible on the things that matter to me. I work with a select number of clients to build their dream life.

Online Course

Master the main stage

You can only share your story. The larger the stage the greater your visibility, influence and opportunities to do more. Learn behind the scenes to land, prepare and deliver your next TEDx-style talk.


"I exceeded the expectations I set for my abilities, and it would have not been possible without Jillian. Having a fully trustworthy and inspiring coach has pushed me to take risks and allow my idea to grow into something I only ever dreamed of. With Jillian's support and motivation, I can do anything.”

- Katharina , Founder of BETO

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What are we waiting for?

Women Colleagues

We're in a radical societal transition now. What lessons from the past on equality and diversity can we have lead us to the future?

Are you setting your future self up for success?

Public Speaker

Your future will change when you keep setting yourself up for success.

Master the art of saying NO

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Practical tips to master the art of saying Nos to get to better Yeses.

Integrated ResponsAbility

Image by Brett Jordan

If we can’t integrate the aspects we most want to change in ourselves and the world, we can’t accomplish any of it.