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When We Speed Up, We Must Also Slow Down

economics futurist philosophy social media Jun 13, 2022

When We Speed Up, We Must Also Slow Down: The counter-weight will balance itself in the end, whether we like it or not

It feels counter-intuitive to slow down while things are picking back up. What about work, travel and finally, our social lives? You and I both likely share the fear our freedom could all be taken away again with a new variant of COVID-19, escalated war or some other unexpected disaster. While the push to ‘do it all’ before then doesn’t cure the fear, or resolve these real or imagined existential threats, it has taught me the lesson to slow down.


Breath into it 🌬


We often forget this, but taking a moment to breathe is a powerful tool I always underestimate. It’s our body’s built-in stress reduction tool but the one that’s hardest to remember. Setting a habit around breathing has helped transform stressful moments I would have otherwise bulldozed through to get to the next one. Slowing down to remember your breath makes moments slow down, feel more sacred, real and measured against the stress. Hey, why not let’s practice now. 🧘🏽‍♀️Breathe in all the way, hold for a few seconds and let it go.

If you want to zen out with me on Insight Timer, check out my tracks here. 💿There are thousands of incredible teachers on Insight Timer and it is a highly recommended way to slow down.


When in Doubt Turn to Philosophy📚


Another way I’ve started to slow down is to tap into the wisdom of the great philosophical thinkers. Whether gradually listening then contemplating on Meditations by Marcus Aurelius or watching Philosophies for Life. There is so much wisdom to be discovered and still apply to our lives today. The root of all philosophy is to better understand the human condition, our humanity and transcend knowledge beyond space and time.

Or, as the distinguished modern philosopher, Cornel West, puts it:

“What does it mean to be a featherless, two-legged linguistically conscious creature born between urine and feces- whose body will soon be the culinary delight of terrestrial worms? That’s what philosophy is all about!”

I’ve relished in deep thought, and existential questions and was moved by the simplicity of our shared humanity, from Professor West’s MasterClass. Another way I’ve begun to slow down while trying to level up! I have three 14-Day Guest Passes to MasterClass on a first come first serve basis. Sorry speed, in this case, is a necessity!🏃🏿‍♂️


💸Elon bullish on Twitter


Speaking of fast- how fast can a billionaire take over a public company? Sounds like a punchline of a joke, right?😁 It turns out fairly quickly, or at least when Elon is steering the (rocket)ship. 🚀Just over 2-weeks ago, Elon was the butt of many jokes from a Twitter influencer to joining the Board of Directors. Looks like he’s played his cards right as of April 25th Twitter is becoming privately owned.

How do you feel about Twitter going private? Who do you think will be appointed CEO? Will DogeCoin be its main revenue driver? Exciting times ahead, but read on slowly.


Remember the Bigger Picture⏳ 

If you want to zoom out, like way out into the intergalactic galaxies, then Time Lapse of the Future will blow your mind! Synaptic brain connections are guaranteed!

Until next time. That’s it from me.

Bye Bye! 👋🏻👋🏻