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entrepreneur recommendations tech4good wired influence Jun 13, 2022

I’m back with a new look and a bit of a lighter tone. 😃 I’m excited to share ResponsAbility 2.0 (or shall I call it 3.0 to fit in with the Web3 craze?). A bite-sized bi-weekly newsletter with a window into the entrepreneurial life, unsolicited advice from a millennial you didn’t know you needed 😉 and a dose of optimism about our future✨.


Founder’s Corner

Being a Founder of a start-up isn’t for the faint of heart. Not too dissimilar to a social media algorithm, you need to screen out volumes of information. In my beloved 5:30 am mornings I read, listen and write as much as I can within a few hours before work. Yes, I’m one of those people. Luckily for you, you don’t need to be! Enjoy being the more sensible person by reading and sharing this with a friend if you like it.💌


Must-Listen Podcasts

 One of my favourite podcasts is the Tim Ferriss Show. In the episode with Jane McGonigal (this isn’t another Harry Potter plug) she brilliantly details her work as a future-forecaster and designer of alternative reality games.
  • 👉🏽 The Main Takeaway: Imagining possible scenarios, like her team did in 2010 in predicting a similar COVID19 epidemic, can build mental preparation, creative problem-solving and mental health resilience.

Why We Need Optimism Now

 Personally, I feel like my optimism muscle is exhausted because the economy, war, violence and inequalities seeming on the rise, but also in a way it’s forcing me to flex stronger. 3 Reasons for Optimism in Difficult Times in a stellar TED talk that explains why. First, Kevin Kelly explains “Everything great and difficult thing has required a strong sense of optimism” to tackle it. Second, we need it to make us better ancestors building a better future we may not fully enjoy and thirdly, it’s necessary to create a world we want to see for ourselves and other generations. This inspirational talk

A Real Invisibility Cloak 👻

 In browsing one of my favourite news sources, The Good News Network, I discovered the magical Harry Potter’s cloak has become real! Invisibility Shield Co is expanding its operations and you can get one for yourself through their Kickstarter fund.

Are you a Tech Addict?

Want to get ahold of your tech addiction? Get your copy of Wired Influence to know the secrets and science behind what’s keeping you hooked, my ‘technoholic’ recovery process and steps you can take today to take back your time.

If no one has ever told you are special. Let me be the one to tell you that you are (still not an April fool’s prank)!❤️

That’s it from me. Bye Bye! 👋🏻👋🏻