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Are you ready for a change and to be inspired by your work? Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur? Do you want to take on the next challenge and grow more than you could have imagined?


I am passionate about bringing out the best in people, simplifying the complex and giving you the tools to keep motivated and on track to fulfill your dreams. As the award-winning Founder of Safe & the City, I've learned much over the years from building a first-to-market product as a non-technical Founder, starting alone to building up the skills to recruit and manage an extraordinary team, bootstrapping a business to raising funding and generating B2B revenue, as well as networking from knowing no one to being invited to speak on global stages and writing as a thought-leader. One of the most important lessons to-date of my success remains surrounding myself with people who cheer me on, aren't afraid to provide constructive feedback and inspire me through their careers and life achievements. I've helped coach over 50 start-up Founders and their teams, so I not only appreciate the excitement, challenges, and growth needed across different types of business but can draw from my experience on the ground to bring practical expertise and relevant connections to help you take the next step. 


The wealth of knowledge I have gained as an entrepreneur, mentor, and speaker, is first-hand lived experiences, many of which were mistakes, I will use to help you on your journey to be the best version of you for whatever success looks like to you.

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Want to take your career to the next level? I can help coach you whether that is understanding what industry is right for you, harness the power of public speaking to get...
Career Coaching
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A natural talk takes many hours of preparation from scripting, editing, memorising to delivering. We will walk through these processes steps or start where you're at to m...
Public Speaking Coach
1 hr
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Do you have a goal you want to reach in business? Struggling with an ongoing challenge you keep repeating? This is a session we can tailor to your business needs to make ...
Business Coaching
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"Jillian is both an inspirational mentor and advisor. Her sessions have been incredibly helpful and meaningful To Growth our business but ourselves as leaders."
- Kaitlyn & Olga 


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